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Imagine an immersive, memorable, and interactive experience for people to discover your brand.

You can expand your brand at our convention. And you can meet people who might be more important to your business than you realize while you pursue your quest to take over the world!

Sponsor our event and we’ll help you get more visibility, leads, and return on investment.

Get in front of more than 2,000,000 people from our growing targeted audience across our marketing channels!!!


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Center of the Universe Mainstage


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The best happens at BREATHE! Convention 2023!

We welcome you to be a part of this convention, which will bring your brand face-to-face with the executives and the highly engaged audience it needs to reach.

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    Be part of an emerging technology that has the potential to impact multiple industries and pave the way for businesses to evolve beyond the norm.


    You don’t want to miss out on this chance to connect with leading experts, executives, and highly engaged crowd in the WBCDMN field.


    Sponsoring our event provides you with an opportunity to extend your brand’s reach to more potential clients.

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The show offers numerous sponsorship opportunities that are designed to give your brand maximum exposure.

We can provide you with an extensive and diverse variety of sponsorship ideas that will showcase your brand to your ideal prospective clients.

Anything and everything is open to discussion and we would welcome the opportunity to work with you to find a solution to your individual aims.


Sponsorship Opportunities

The best happens at BREATHE! Convention 2023! Our sponsorship opportunities in Las Vegas are designed to deliver the impact, exposure, and return on investment you’re looking for. We have carefully crafted and curated incredible packages with some customizable options for you to choose. Imagine a major hotel wrapped in your brand; taking over the BattleBots arena… Yes, those BattleBots! And much more…


Place your company or project’s branding alongside the BREATHE! name! With numerous sponsorships available to present your brand as a top tier BREATHE! sponsor, exposure among the WBCDMN community is virtually limitless.

On-site wraps, featured inclusions in BREATHE! marketing materials, special recognitions and premiere exhibiting locations are just some of the perks to becoming one of our tiered Co-branding sponsors!


Support the education of a generation while proudly displaying your company or project’s branding on one or more of our select Stages!

Sponsoring a BREATHE! Stage includes your own speaking session, booklet listing, included exposure in our marketing campaign, and much more!

From our Center of the Universe Mainstage to our Nova Newbie Stage, BREATHE! provides multiple ways for you to help foster the growth and education of WBCDMN communities around the world!


Networking area, VIP lounge, Investor Lounge

As a zone sponsor, your brand is positioned in front of the best and brightest of the show. The Networking lounge is where business all over the universe happens. The VIP lounge is where the ALPHA attendees, special guests, and VIP’s will represent as large and in charge. The Investor lounge is exactly that, the lounge where some of the smartest investors will leave their mark. Your brand has the unique opportunity to be part of all the action that happens within these exclusive zones.


As a convention geared towards enlightening the world of the incredible advancements of the new technology of WBCDMN, BREATHE! provides sponsorship opportunities that allow your company or project to supercharge the level of experience offered to everyone surrounding the event!

A hotel wrap, party bus takeover, and poolside lunch branding are just a few of the unmissable ways you can leave your lasting impression on BREATHE! and the wider Web3 communities from across the globe!