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Nature Abhors a Vacuum.

So Does Technology.

MacNerd is the natural evolution of Steve (Mac) McKeon’s need to stay at the forefront of technological development. With a fiery passion for blockchain tech, Mac decided to create a business specifically dedicated to utilizing the near-endless applications for blockchain tech. The result is a company that creates future-proof blockchain software solutions for clients.

The company was created to focus specifically on Web3 applications, with the goal in mind of helping both new and existing MacguyverTech clients transition to the blockchain. To this end, Mac cultivated a team of nerds who have the technical skill, passion and experience needed to create secure, custom blockchain software solutions for discerning clients with highly specialized needs.

This team understands that their client relationships should be as open, accessible, and transparent as the blockchain itself. At MacNerd, we’re not just designing software, we’re developing and expanding meaningful and mutually-beneficial client relationships.

MacNerd is a software development company that designs secure, transparent and powerful utilities on the blockchain.