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Back in 2018, inspired by the quote: “So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.” A. J. Reb Materi – 5AM Global developed the BREATHE! brand and began producing this annual event.

Considering impactful practices and changing technology to support passive income and work-life balance, digital wealth and physical health are popular topics. Web3, Blockchain, Defi, Metaverse and NFT (WBCDMN) are in the center of these universal topics, impact, and change.


BREATHE! Convention 2023 is the ultimate decentralized convention for a decentralized world that aims to free the internet of its outdated Web2 format and usher in the era of Web3 technology.

Dive into the Web3 Universe

Over the course of three days, this event dives headfirst into the Web3 universe, including new tech releases and showcases that YOU can attend and broadcast across the internet.

This is much more than a web3 conference or blockchain summit. It’s an in-person flagship event that includes exhibitors, breakout sessions, panel discussions, and keynote presentations delivered by industry thought leaders right on our exclusive Center of the Universe main stage!

Meet the Brightest Stars

BREATHE! showcases some of the industry’s most extraordinary Subject Matter Experts (SME), Collectors, Investors, Startups, Developers, and Enthusiasts. Networking, workshops, knowledgeable speakers, partnerships, and up-and-coming projects are just some of the things you can find during this amazing event directly in the fabulous city of Las Vegas!
Naga Samineni of Metakeep

Naga Samineni

Metakeep | Cofounder

Emil Ljesnjanin of NFT Tix

Emil Ljesnjanin

NFT-Tix Co. | Founder & CEO

Noah of Whale Coin Talk

Noah- Whale Coin Talk

Whale Coin Talk | COO

Maryanne Chrisholm

Cafe Muse | Artist & Community Builder

aaron vick

Aaron Vick

AaronV | Web3 Evangelist

Majid Zafer

DCRBN | Co-founder

Shake Hands with the Most Enthusiastic Community

All participants can expect to benefit from educational talks, Q&A sessions, collaborative experiences, and incredible entertainment.

The value of attending BREATHE! can pay dividends for years to come, so schedule out your visit and register to attend today!

Securing your ticket means you’ll get early access to the BREATHE! schedule, workshops, early updates to our website, and free, exclusive information on how to make the most out of this incredible event!


As some entrepreneurs and professionals have been dealt a difficult hand throughout 2022 thanks to scandals, dropping prices, and economic downturn, we at BREATHE! aim to help people get back on their feet and connect with business leaders, innovators, incredible speakers, and web3 companies to discover and discuss this emerging sector of technology.
The BREATHE! Convention is built on the primal foundations set by previous conferences, events, and network savvy discussions. With our growing line-up of speakers and visionaries, BREATHE! is shaping up to display a vision of revolution within the Web3 space. Explore our unique stages that provide a location for Web3 revolutionaries to connect and network with attendees while educating audience members on industry happenings and interesting topics.

Main Features

The Brightest STARS

BREATHE! showcases a collection of the most impactful SME (Subject Matter Experts), Collectors, Investors, Start-ups, Developers, and Enthusiasts in the universe.
BREATHE! Is the largest IRL event that is committed to giving the greatest platform to the growing WBCDMN community.

The Ecliptic Exhibitors

BREATHE! and its incredible line-up of exhibitors offers the most effective solutions, inspiration, and concepts to help the community thrive.

The Galaxy Partners

BREATHE! is made possible by these innovative organizations who are leading WBCDMN.

The Orbit of Owners

It’s the community of owners who help BREATHE! successfully orbit this universe

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