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The Give blockchain is a global community giving purpose around the world.
Give is more than a company—Give is a global movement making an impact on the lives of millions around the world. We give to and support important causes while also providing purpose for the people who are giving. Givers find self-love by going through the Give process to transform the way they feel about themselves and the world around them.


Combine the power of the decentralized blockchain with the power of purpose to spark Change within givers and receivers worldwide.

Our Give community contributes talent and donates resources to support important projects and achieve their highest potential.


To realize the full potential of the blockchain through participation in important projects impacting the lives of millions, on and off the blockchain, through giving.


Give is a part of a community of node owners. These node owners have the power to donate to trusted charities knowing that their experience will be on the blockchain and be completely trackable with full transparency of how their money was used. Nodes
produce thee GIVE reward which can be used towards projects and donations. A user may also be rewarded more for donating in ETH. Give believes the give blockchain will be the solution to easy trusted giving in the next lifetime.