Stormie Andrews

BREATHE! | Co-Founder & CMO

Stormie Andrews is an accomplished marketer and business leader with a passion for using cutting-edge technologies to drive business growth. He was the Co-Founder of Yokel Local, an award-winning inbound marketing agency that helped organizations generate hundreds of millions in revenue through his innovative strategies and tactics.

After selling his shares of Yokel Local, Stormie expanded his profession as CMO of BREATHE! Operating with leadership and the ability to quickly assess, adapt, and apply new concepts, technologies, and innovative solutions, Stormie continues to drive business success across the rapidly growing new technology landscape of Web3.

Stormie is a licensed practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), an award-winning author, Rapport Leadership Master Graduate, Forbes contributor, HubSpot contributor, recognized buyer persona expert, and HubSpot Certified Trainer. He has also been recognized as a Member of the Year from the American Marketing Association, named as a Top 50 Tech Visionary by Intercon in 2020-2021. He is Creator of "The World’s Best Buyer Persona® System" and his book of the same title, became an Amazon Hot New Releases Best Seller.

Stormie provides more than a decade’s worth of background in marketing, including a deep understanding of SEO, Adwords, analytics, CRM, and exceptional verbal and written communication skills.

He is also a recognized expert in the field of Web3, Blockchain, and NFTs and has contributed to the growth of several companies in this space. His objective is to use his skills and experience to maximize the profitability and scalability of a singular company as the world of Web3 evolves.

“It’s better to be roughly right than precisely wrong.”

-John Maynard Keynes



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