Steven Mckeon (Mac)

MacNerd | CEO

Steve McKeon (Mac) is the founder and CEO of MacguyverTech and MacNerd. With over 25 years of experience in the technological world, he always had a passion for taking things apart and then putting them back together better than before. His knowledge of software development extends from a passion for reverse engineering, ethical hacking and new technologies. 

Mac’s philosophy on software is that no company should be forced to use “out of the box software.” He believes each company is unique and requires fully customized software to fit their specific needs. His passion for new technologies is laser-focused on blockchain.  

From smart contracts to NFTs to cryptocurrency to supply chain management, the applications for blockchain are unlimited. With a growing need for these technologies, MacguyverTech is poised to help meet those demands. The US-based development team is growing quickly, and  Mac continually locates the best teammates to help create, construct and secure the highest-quality custom software available.

"Ego is the Enemy" - Ryan Holiday

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