Ryan Leusch

Ryan Leusch

eSkillz/TCG WORLD/DeSo Syndicate | CEO/CGO

CEO of DeSo (Decentralized Society) Syndicate. Chief Growth Officer of eSskillz Games and Business Development/Management of TCG.WORLD

Born with an intrinsic fascination for technology, Blockchain, Web3, Renewable Energies and Information Tech. Ryan’s passion and knowledge has driven his success. He has had significant roles in a variety of projects ranging from small residential designs to large commercial designs. He specializes in renewable business development and is an expert in combining the smartest, greenest and most superior solutions in the industry. As well as Growth development in Blockchain, Metaverse, and Web2 and Web3 companies

Ryan holds a BS in T-Com Management and AA in Computer Electronics. Certified Metaverse Expert and Certified NFT Expert

Whether you think you are right or wrong, you are correct

~Henry Ford

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