Naga Samineni

MetaKeep | Co-Founder

Passbird Research, Inc., the creator of MetaKeep, is a Silicon Valley-based company founded by the world-class engineering team behind Diem (the blockchain division of Meta), WhatsApp, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Microsoft. This team has previously built products, services, and financial infrastructure that half the world's population relies on daily.

MetaKeep and the ecosystem partners empower enterprises and brands to realize and monetize new business opportunities on Web 3.0, with an unprecedented 100% adoption rate by customers, wherever they may be, on any device.

This breakthrough is made possible by the company's invisible hardware wallet protocol and infrastructure, which eliminates seed phrases, passwords, app downloads, software installations, gas fees, and even sign-up frictions that currently plague Web 3.0.

In yet another historic move, MetaKeep has raised the bar for state-of-the-art by offering insured compliant self-custody and uncompromising security, built into the protocol natively by design. The company's intellectual property is secured across all major markets and is already powering the new generation of companies building Consumer and Enterprise Wallets, Advertising Tech, Brand Loyalty and Engagement Tech, Game Tech, Ticketing Tech, Ed-Tech, and Gov-Tech, as well as directly powering some prestigious acronymed US government organizations like NASA.

MetaKeep, as the invisible infrastructure, is setting a new democratized standard that unlocks an unprecedented generational leap in the user experience, compliance, security, and interoperability of Web 3.0, one that is virtually indistinguishable from the current Web 2.0 that 5 billion people in the world are already familiar with.

The invisible Web3 infrastructure built for Humans

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