Hasshi Suddler

Hasshi Sudler

Internet Think Tank, Inc. | Chairman & CEO

Hasshi Sudler is CEO of Internet Think Tank and a professor at Villanova University College of Engineering. He has published research on topics spanning internet technology, online piracy, distance learning, cybersecurity and blockchain.

Sudler was awarded the MIT Leadership Award from the Sloan School in 2013, the Villanova University Professional Achievement Award in 2016, and the Meyer Innovation and Creative Excellence (ICE) Award in 2021.

He is a contributing author of two books: The Handbook of Research on Counterfeiting and Illicit Trade (2017) and BLOCKCHAIN IMPACT! (2021). Hasshi Sudler earned his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Villanova University and his MBA from MIT.

“Those who can imagine anything can create the impossible.”
- Alan Turing

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