Emil Ljesnjanin

Emil R. Ljesnjanin

NFT-TiX Co. | Founder & CEO

Emil hasn't let the limits of his success get in the way. After establishing a successful multi-million-dollar business, he set out on an ambitious new venture - self funding NFT-TiX. Emil poured assets into speedily developing this platform and is now reaping its rewards. He had a powerful motivation for launching NFT-TiX - his passion to solve real-world problems and create a secure ticketing platform that all event organizers and attendees can trust. After encountering fake tickets in the past, he was determined not just to design another conventional platform, but rather one which offers full transparency with dues returned appropriately when reselling. 

NFT-TiX is a robust, scalable, fair, and transparent home for event organizers and attendees to engage in a ticketing experience for the 21st century.

NFT-TiX is a proven solution for any size event utilizing blockchain technology and a forward-thinking business model (such as % of ticket re-sale revenue going to the event organizer) to address the major issues that plague the ticketing industry and ultimately hurt the consumer, as well as adding new features that will revolutionize how we think about tickets. 

NFT-TiX empowers and promotes the relationship between the event organizers and attendees without the need of middlemen, firmly putting the power back in the hands of the stakeholders.

Now this inspired entrepreneur is working hard on revolutionizing blockchain technology within the events industry! To date, NFT-TiX together with Exit Festival was awarded for its innovation by winning Innovation Award at UK Festival Awards.


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