DeSchzunell Catlin

DeSchzunell Catlin

Equity Space Alliance, Inc. | Co-Founder | COO | NASA Sr. Engineer

De’Schzunell “DJ” Catlin is an entrepreneur, engineer, and passionate leader. He is a co-founder of The Equity Space Alliance, founder of The San Diego Black Investors Group Inc., and serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Paterson Aerospace. De’Schzunell also works in Research and Development at NASA where he serves as a Senior Aerospace Engineer and Manager.  

Dj is passionate about leveraging emerging technologies and industries to empower disadvantaged communities. His work extends beyond US borders to countries in Africa, where he serves as a thought leader working to leverage emerging technologies for environmental sustainability, social good, and economic empowerment.

"Don't wait 'til you're in a cage to search for the key."

- Jibrial Muhammad Jones

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