DCA Fortune

Imagining Crypto | Crypto Educator

De ‘Borah Fortune Stott a Crypto Educator, Keynote Speaker/Trainer, Author, Podcaster, and Business Development Strategist.

After losing a substantial amount of money in a Crypto scam, De ‘Borah made a decision to learn about Cryptocurrency and see if it was indeed all the hype so many declared.

Over the next two years, De 'Borah spent endless hours, days, nights, and weekends studying and learning this financial market, so few understand.

Within that time, she took that initial loss, and 10x it utilizing a strategy called Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA). So passionate about this process, she is now called ‘DCA Fortune’.

"Everything begins with a piece of energy. Ironically the most powerful innovation of our day is merely that energy... It is called Cryptocurrency."

- De 'Borah Fortune Stott,  Insp. by Napoleon Hill

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