Hive Blockchain | Operations

The Hive blockchain is a fast, feeless, scalable solution for a decentralized and distributed web. Users, investors, and developers meet in a robust, engaged community where the HIVE token allows near instantaneous transaction of value and where wallet addresses are usernames that connect you to an entire ecosystem of services and apps built for social and beyond. With one set of keys, Hive unlocks the potential for true asset ownership, security, and as much or as little participation in content creation, defi, gaming, NFTs, governance and a growing metaverse as you choose.

Hive moves value, stores information, powers projects, and is the perfect fit for creators, consumers, and companies wanting to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain to build stronger relationships, better businesses, and a more human future.

"The fast, feeless, scalable solution built for truly decentralized social web3"

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