Brian Weiner

The Illusion Factory | Founder

For over 43 years, since Brian Weiner founded The Illusion Factory, it has been entrusted with the promotion and marketing of over 7 billion dollars in filmed, live, broadcast, online, gaming and interactive entertainment. During this time, the company garnered more than 265 of the top creative and technological awards for its clients and have helped to generate more than 100 billion dollars in revenue for them.

Sizzle, the new revolutionary platform from The Illusion Factory is a global trans media network that activates and engages consumers in a unified platform that includes the MetaKeep frictionless Web3 wallet with which the Sizzle Perk wallet works in synchronicity, leveraging the Sizzle Television Network combined with SizzleVerse, the new Omniverse middleware platform. Using WebXR, Sizzle empowers all NFTs, apps and all metaverses with our technologies.

“Freedom comes from being at ease with the certainty of uncertainty.”

- Unknown Author

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