Bodhi Zai

ZOOP / BODHIZAI | Community Manager

“Bodhizai” is Brian Mihelic, Community Manager for Digital Celebrity Collectables Gaming Platform “Zoop”, contributing editor for ‘Born Bored Media’, and a Digital-preneur who devotes his time towards grassroots level advocation, education and onboarding of independent creators, small-businesses, and start-ups seeking footholds in the blockchain landscape, and further advise on the development of their community & brand engagement.

Before entering Web3 full-time, Brian spent 20 years in Property Management, and as an Electromechanical Technical Advisor for Commercial & US Government Agencies, providing on-site consultancy, training & customer support to clients at worksites around the world; a world that Brian believes will feel the impact of blockchain through the formation of communal culture concreted in the ethos of Web3.

"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."

- Albert Einstein

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