Partner Calculator

BREATHE! Partner Calculator

Calculate how much return you can get by sharing this marvelous event to your following and witness the power of giving back to our community!
Average ticket price may vary depending on ticket purchased, including general admission, partner rates, VIP rates, and other packages. See registration page for ticket rates

Your Return on Investment

Here is the estimated number of BREATHE! attendees from your audience.

That's right! We calculated this correctly! This is your share of the revenue generated. At BREATHE! we prioritize rewarding the initiative and innovation taken by the incredible people in this space. The more a professional or group dedicates itself to bringing in longtime enthusiasts and newcomers, the more they should win in the spoils. It’s a community effort!

Referral Calculator

BREATHE! Referral Calculator

We realize that you have partnerships and relationships with other projects and organizations that may be a great fit for the BREATHE! Convention. If you make the referral and initial introduction, we will compensate you by sharing 5% of the gross sponsorship, exhibit, and advertisement spend.

Use our referral calculator to calculate revenue you could earn by simply referring great projects to BREATHE! If your referred projects invest into the convention, you win too!

Refer your favorite projects and organizations to BREATHE! In taking initiative with the Web3, Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, Metaverse, and NFT space, you get to participate in the revenue. Use this calculator to estimate a referred project’s likely sponsorship, exhibit, and advertising investment.

Here is the amount you have earned when your initiative results in a referred project invests into the BREATHE! Convention!